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Climbers from Russia and SIC did not return from the Hymalayas
Vakauskas Daynus (Kaunas, Lithuania) 19.09.38-31.10.90 Dhaulagiry. N-E ridge (classical route) Fell on the descent. Body was not found.
Galiev Murat Alma-Ata. 27.07.61-7.10.90 Manaslu, South wall. Fell on the difficult rocky part at height 7100m. Buried in the snow slope on the height 7000m.
Lunyakov Grigory 8.01.55-7.10.90
Khalitov Ziynur Alma-Ata 30.11.51-7.10.90
Grebenyuk Yuri. Izhevsk, Russia 1958-21.10.93 Cho Oyu, East ridge. Killed by the stone at the height 7900m. Buried on the place of death.
Khmilyar Igor Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia 1957-21.10.93 Manaslu, classical route. Killed on the descent on the height 7300m. Fell on the icy slope. Body was not found.
Yadryshnikov Sergey 1956-23.10.93 Manaslu, classical route. Killed by the avalanche falling on the bivouac - 6500m. Left on the place of death.
Ibragim-Zade Dmitry Odessa, Ukraine 31.05.55-10.07.94 K-2, Chogory, Abrutskogo ridge. Fell on the icy slope. Buried on the place of death.
Parkhomenko Alexander 21.06.52-10.07.94 K-2, Chogory, Abrutskogo ridge. Frozen on the height 8 000m buried on the place of death in the chimney of the snow slope.
Kharaldin Alexey 15.02.56-10.07.94
Chekanova Galina. Kiev, Ukraine 1959-11.10.94 Dhaulagiry, N-E ridge (classical route). Fell on the descent on the height 7350m. Not found.
Zhvirblya Serguey Minsk, Belorussia 16.08.60 - 10.10.94 Kanchendgonga from south (classical route). Night 9 -10 of October icy crush over the bivouac on the height 6700m. Bodies not found.
Ivanova Ekaterina. Irkutsk, Russia 1.04.62-10.10.94
Shleht Anatoly Novokuznetsk, Russia 1958-14.05.96 Makalu, classical route. 14 of May fell on the icy slope. Buried on the height 7700m.
Benkin Igor. Toglyatty, Russia 1958-14.08.96 K-2 - Chogory from North. 14 of August after a summit did not descent to the camp - 8000m. Body not found.
Vasilenko Genadiy. Yalta, Ukraine 1950-5.10.1996 Shisha-Pangma from North Avalanch. Bodies not found.
Pastukh Viktor. Kharkov, Ukraine 8.02.1952-1996
Toroschin Alexander Barnaul, Russia 1951-7.05.1997 Everest from North Col Fell down in the coloir at the height about 8 400 m on May 7th. Buried on the place of death.
Shevchenko Nikolai Barnaul, Russia 15.12.44-7.05.97 Everest from North Col After summit they probably frozen on 7.05.97 at 8 700m. Buried on the place of death.
Plotnikov Ivan Barnaul, Russia 5.08.60-7.05.97
Khabibullin Salavat Ekaterinburg, Russia 23.07.61-21.05.97 Makalu - West Face - first ascent. Died at 8150 m not far from the summit. Buried on the place of death.
Bugachevski Igor Ekaterinburg, Russia 9.05.62-24.05.97 Makalu - West Face - first ascent. At the height 6 800 m on the way down. Stone fall. Buried on the place of death.
Bashkirov Vladimir Moscow, Russia 28.01.52-27.05.97 Lhotse from Khumbu glacier After summit died on the descent at about 8 000 m.Buried on the place of death.
Arsentiev Sergei St.Petersburg, Russia 17.09.58-23.05.98 Everest. After summit he was missed at 8500 m.
Stepanov Viktor Novgorod, Russia 1962-29.04.98 Cho Oyu. Died at the height 7100 m. Throat blood flood.
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