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Mountaineering: Himalayan expeditions: The list of Himalayan expeditions. Spring 2000: Traverse Everest-Lhotse, the team Simone Moro (Italy) and Denis Urubko (Kazakhstan):  
Simone Moro. The letter to "RISK Online" readers

Dear friends,

Also this year I decided to go to Himalaya with a Russian climber. After my expedition in 1996 when I reached the North summit of Shisha Pangma and I met Anatoli Boukreev, I decided to do my expedition with Russian climber. As you know the tragic expedition of 1997 on Annapurna took me the best friend I have had in all my life but I learned so many things from him that I found the motivation to continue to climb mountains. The 1999 has been a very important year for me because during my "snow leopard" expedition (we climbed all the five 7000 meters peak of Russia) I found my new climbing partner, Denis Urubko. I invited him in my expedition and partially sponsored him.

Simone Moro and Anatoli Boukreev
Photo archive of Simone Moro.

We climbed Everest in a light stile, with only 2 camps and spending 5 night at south Col without oxygen.

I also met many other Russian friends during the 2000 Everest-Lhotse expedition. Particularly I want to remember Boris Korshunov that is entered in my hard. This person is probably not enough understood from the Russian climbers but he is one of the most wonderful and strong person that I met!

I'm sorry that he didn't find sponsor for his expedition but I had been happy to help him financially for the last attempt he did on Everest.

Simone Moro and Boris Korshunov
Photo archive of Simone Moro.

Now I want to thank all the RISK readers who follow me and Denis during our last adventure. Even if we didn't realised the Everest-Lhotse traverse we will try that challenge again. I promised you because I think it is possible to do. I want also to thank all the Russian, Kazahk, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Tadjk and other CIS climber who help me to understand your country, your mentality, your wonderful team spirit.

Anatoli Boukreev
Photo archive of Simone Moro.

My best thanks is going again to Anatoli Boukreev. Without him I wouldn't be the climber who I'm. Don't forget him never because he had been one example of your extraordinary greatness.


Your friend
Simone Moro

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