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Site Map
Alaska, winter ascent
The ascent of international team to Mt.Vinson, winter 2002
The expedition of Moscow Mountain Federation to Kongur (China)
Ascent on the East Face of Mt.Sable - Polar Ural
Reports from expedition
Ski-alpinism world championship
Photo Report
Cerro Torre, Patagonia. The team headed by Arkadi Seregin
Big Walls - Russian routes
Peak 4810 - Pamir
Peak Aksu - Pamir
The ascent up to Troll Wall (Norway)
Troll Wall. Alexander Ruchkin
Troll wall - Russian Decision
Photo of Troll Wall wiht lines of all routes includng "Baltika" and "Russian route". (213K)
"Russian route". Photo of the Wall with the route and marked pitches. (328K)
New route up to the Center of West Face made by Russian team
Photo Gallery. Part One. On the Wall.
Photo Gallery. Part Two. Looking around.
New route or variant? Talks about it are going on...
The comment of the team to the photo with supposed Slovenian route
From the diary of Alexander Odintsov
Latok III
The BASK-LATOK III expedition 2001
Expedition news
Several photos from the departure
Photo Gallery. Part I. Latok III, attempt of 2001
Photo Gallery. Part II. Latok III, attempt of 2001
Trango Tower
American and Russian new routes
Photo report
Photo gallery. Part 1
Photo gallery. Part 2
Photo of the Wall with the line of the route
Party Crashers
Photo Gallery. 24-25 July
News from the expedition (July 17, 1999)
Jared Ogden. Russians on the Move
Mark Synnott. Russians on the Move
17 July 1999. Alexander Odintzov. Russians on the Move
Click to hear audio (in Russian)
Photos and topos
"The Russian route" to Great Trango Tower
Photo of the Wall with pitches indicated
UIAA topo of the lower part of the route
UIAA topo of the upper part of the route
Baffin Island
Fitz Roy - Argentina
Rarayma - Venesuella
Huascaran - Bolivia
El Capitan - USA
The big American "8th" rock climbing tour
News and reports
Open Caucasus
A new route on the north wall of Shkhelda's Second West Tower
On the north-west wall of Yerydag there appeared a new route called "Northern Edge" (1200 m., VI, 5.10, A2+)
Bu-Ulgen wall valley, the goal - North Face of Mt.Dombai
Photo Gallery of Mt.Fisht
Photo of Mt.Fisht massiv, part 2
Shkara West - North face
Thach region
Ascent of the West Face of Urrielju peak
International Golden Peak Expedition 2000
Photo Gallery
The ascent up to Spantik peak. Details
Erik Svab and "RISK Online" about "Golden peak-2000" expedition
The expedition of the Ekaterinburg Alpine club on Thalay Sagar peak (6905 m)
New route in the center of the North Face of Thalay Sagar (6905m)
About project
Winter Big Walls
The first successful attempt of winter ascent up to Mt.Aksu (Kirgyzstan)
The mountain
On the route
Pavel Shabalin about ascent
The Russan extreme project
The Russian project "7 Summits"
Mt. Aconcagua (Argentine)
Mt. Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia)
Mt. El Capitan
Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa)
Mt. McKinley (Alaska)
Mt. Mont Blanc
Mt. Elbrus (Caucasus)
Mt. Winson (Antarctic)
Mt. Everest (Nepal)
French Alpine Club project. Ski from Ararat
Stephen Koch & Marko Prezelj. Alaska 2001 - Denali National Park
"Nero su bianco"
New demanding rock route on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc range
The route of "mobiles"
Success of the expedition Greenland 2000
Nalumasortoq. Photo gallery
Ukranian mountaineering championship in Chamonix
Valery Babanov - new routes up to Grandes Jorasses
Difficulty systems
Important news from the Anataoli BOUKREEV Memorial Fund
Russian championship in Erydag (rock class)
NEPAL open
International Mountaineering Trophy Yosemite - 2000
Commentary of Yuri Koshelenko to International Mountain Trophy
The result of Russia championship in rock class in Yosemite
"I'm addicted to climbing, but I would rather take part in a reall Big Wall Festival."
Championship of Russia of 2000 in Yosemite National Park
News review
The results of the first lap of Russia's Championship in rock-climbing
The new route "South Cross"
Himalayan expeditions
The death of Babu Chiri Sherpa
Spring expeditions of 2002, Himalaya
Short results of the Spring Himalaya season
Lhotse-S.Petersburg 2002
Cho Oyu - Togliatty - 2002
Expedition in the Everest north Face region to learn possibilities for 2003 to climb the North Face
Everest from North, classical route
Expeditions 2001
Kazakhs Gasherbrum I and II Expedition 2001
The list of Himalayan expeditions. Spring 2001
Private Non-commercial Expedition to Lhotse Massif
Photo gallery of the expedition "Lhotse Midlle 2001". Part 1
Expedition news
Siberian expedition "Everest-2001"
Expedition news
The expedition to Amadablam by classical route
Expedition "Ukrania-Himalays-2001"
News from the expedition
International expedition
About past year attempt
First ascent attempt to climb Meru Peak (6,600m), Garhwal, India
Expedition news
Photo report from today's briefing of Valery Babanov, orgonized by BASK company
Anatoli Bulychov (Novosibirsk)
Expeditions. Autumn 2000
Lhotse expedition of the Emergency Ministry of Russia
Photo Gallery
The Russian-Uzbek expedition to North face of Jannu (Nepal)
Shisha-Pangma expedition will start on September 1st from Odessa
The list of Himalayan expeditions. Spring 2000
MAI-2000 expedition
The expedition "Everest-2000", Krasnodar city
The Moscow Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation expedition "Everest-2000"
Photo Gallery
Part I
Part II
United Russian-Georgian expedition "Lhotse-2000"
Photos from the top of Lhotse, May 15th: Beno Kashakashvili and Piotr Pustelnik
The expedition from Novosibirsk city on Amadablam
International expedition of mountain group ERSH TRAVELS on Cho Oyu (8,201 m), headed by Marina Ershova
Traverse Everest-Lhotse, the team Simone Moro (Italy) and Denis Urubko (Kazakhstan)
The letter of Simone More to the "RISK Online" readers
Photo Gallery
Solo ascent of Valery Babanov on Kangtega North Face (6,799m)
Solo ascent of Valery Babanov on Kangtega North Face (6,799m)
Photo Gallery
Mountain history
Everest - 99. How it happened
David Keaton. "Everest Misguided?"
Vladimir Shataev. Whither the Eight Thousand Meter Code of Honour?
Everest-98 in classical way from North. Reports from Anatoli Moshnikov
Everest from North side. Chronicle of ascents. Spring 1998
March 28-29. Second Moshnikov's communication
March 26. First Moshnikov's communication from Katmandu
Legends and reality of Everest climbing by Sovjet mountaineers
List of expeditions of 1994-95 years
List of expeditions - 1996
List of expeditions - 1997
Results of 1998 season
Killed in Himalaya
Russians in Himalayas
Reviews, reports, comments
Maspes climb a new mixed route in Bernina Range
Nuptse East, South-east pillar
Some news from Sardinia. One day at the hotel
"European magazine-2001", new site, new ideas
Who will be the winner of "Golden ice axe" of this year
"Women and chalk" on Shipton Spire
The new site dedicated to memory of Anatoly Boukreev
A new book by Anatoly Boukreev
The first ascent on the Second West Shkhelda peak (Caucasus)
The quick solo competitions in honor of Anatoly Boukreev memory
The results of mountaineering Russian championship
ALP 2001:
Czech Direct on Denali
Cinquantieme anniversaire de la 1ere ascension de l'Annapurna
Annapurna 50th anniversary celebrations
Cinquantieme anniversaire de la 1ere ascension de l'Annapurna
Photo Report
49th International Film Festival of Mountains and Exploration "Citta di Trento"
Photo Report
International Film Festival "Citta di Trento"
Festival News
International Jury's Report
Photo Gallery
Part One
Part Two. A bit more serious
Dream of summer
The best ascents of the century
Century the best. Pavel Shabalin list
Alexander Odintsov's list
His selection
The list compiled by Yuri Koshelenko
The list compiled by Igor Ivaschura
The list compiled by Serguey Efimov
The list compiled by the German team
3rd International Meeting (Rassemblement international)
Special report
Special report
Piolet d'Or-99
RISK Online comments
Jean-Claude Marmier
Alexander Klyonov
Sergei Efimov
Yves Peysson's letter
Memorial to Anatoly Bukreev
Mt. Ararat (Agri-Dagi) ascent
Unexplored Land
Topo of the route in UIAA symbols
Reviews by Alexander Ruchkin
Aksai valley. Svobodnaya Korea peak
Mt.Korona (The Crown)
Alone with crown and gri-gri
El Capitan by Zodiac route
"Russian" season on American Alaska
Reports and reviews provided by J.C.Marmier - president of French Mountaineering Federation
Valery Babanov - new routes up to Grandes Jorasses
Chamonix - 99. International winter mountaineering meeting
Photo report. Part 1
Part 2. Liric
Piolet d'or. Chamonix'98
Thalay Sagar, Piolet d'or - 98
Kanchenjunga, Piolet d'or - 98
Changabang, Piolet d'or - 98
Kangtega, Piolet d'or - 98
Mt.Bhagirathi III, Piolet d'or - 98
The results of The 1st International Alpinism Winter Meeting in Chamonix, February 1998.
International Mountaineering Trophy
The results of the first tour and the choices for the second one
List of routes and choice of teams for the first round of ascents
French mountaineering review 1997
A new route on the North Face of the first Pillar of Mt. Korona
New route on Grand Capucin
Two new routes on Grand Capucin
New route up to Petit Dru, French Alps. The party Yuri Koshelenko-Valery Babanov
New route up to Petit Dru made by two Russian climbers - Valery Babanov and Yuri Koshelenko
Party Yuri Koshelenko - Valery Babanov - extrem style of mountaineering
Communique de Presse
Yuri Koshelenko. Alp-Extreme
West Face of Baruntse. Sergey Efimov
The winter ascent on McKinley. First time in a history of this mountain
Everything about Aksu
Alpine Camps
The Fan Mountains, Climbing Peak Chimtarga (5 487 m).
The Journey to Caucasus
Journey to the Top of Europe
Trips to the Mestia region
Crimean story. 1996.
Journey to the Crimea
Rock Climbing
International Meeting of Young Climbers "Crimea Rock Festival"
UIAA Worldcup, Rovereto (ITA) 2000
The Rock Climbing World Cup. Millau (France). Photo Gallery
Calendar 2000 World Cup
Bouldering World Cup Cortina d'Ampezzo
The final World Cup Competition in Speed Climbing
The rock climbing World Cup
The list of rock climbing routes of 8 grade on the South cost of Crimea
X-Games in San Francisco
X-Games! Bouldering Results
X-Games. Speedclimbing results
The list of International Sport masters. Rock climbing
Venera Tchereshneva
Venera Tchereshneva
Serik Kazbekov
Natasha Perlova
Rakhmetov Salovat
Panferova Margarita
Samoilin Pavel
Andrei Vedenmeer
Andrei Vedenmeer
Rakhmetov Kayrat
Eugeni Krivosheitsev
Youth World Championship
X Rock Climbing Festival "Rock Climbing for everybody". Results.
The Youth World Climbing Championship in Moscow 1997
Ice Climbing
Final: Canada, Quebec, March 1-2
Kirov - 2001. Ice climbing World Cup finall competitions. Photo Gallery
"Winter passions" or ice climbing in portrets
The second stage of the Ice World Cup 2001 and the Meeting Pareti di Cristallo
Russian Ice
Ice climbing competitions
Ice climbing team of Moscow for 2000-1001 years
Ice climbing team of Russia for 2000-2001 years
Petropavlovskor village of Kirov area - testing ground of Russian ice climbing
IWC-meeting Trento / Italy
World Ice climbing Cup
6th World Ice climbing Cup
Women's Final
Men's Final
IWC 2000 - Final Ranking
5th World Ice climbing Cup
The list of participants
Final difficulty
Men Speed
Women Speed
Part I
Part II
50 International Film Festival "Citta di Trento"
49 International Film Festival "Citta di Trento"
48 International Film Festival "Citta di Trento"
The beauty of the Caucasian mountains
Chamonix - 99. International winter mountaineering meeting
Photo Gallery. Alexandr Belousov. Part 1
Photo Gallery. Alexandr Belousov. Part 2
Altai, Norway, Venezuela
"Winter passions" or ice climbing in portrets
Andrea Gallo. Photo Gallery
Unexplored ranges of Greenland
Pavel Kozlov. Photo Gallery
Photos made by Yuri Koshelenko
Yuri Koshelenko. Photo Gallery
Photo Calendar
Photo Gallery
Air, mountains, ice...
Khan Tengri
Manu Pellissier. Photo Gallery
Alexandr Ruchkin. Photo Gallery
Photo gallery. Slides were made by Sergei Savchenko
Photos by Sergey Savchenko
Sergey Savchenko. To our friend memory
October 23, 1999
September 23, 1999
August 23, 1999
July 23, 1999
May 23, 1999
April 23, 1999
March 23, 1999
February 23, 1999
January 23, 1999
December 23, 1998
November 23, 1998
October 23, 1998
Eugeni Sedelnikov
Photo Calendar
"Selected works"
"Winter line of Shkhelda glaicer"
Lady's day
Yuri Shamraevski (Rostov-on-Don). Part 1. Central Caucasus
Photo gallery of Gleb Sokolov
Photo Gallery of Mt.Fisht
Photo of Mt.Fisht massiv, part 2
The BASK-LATOK III expedition 2001. Part 1
The BASK-LATOK III expedition 2001. Part 2
Expedition "Lhotse Midlle 2001". Part 1
New route on the third pillar of Mount Nalumasortoq
A new route on the north wall of Shkhelda's Second West Tower, January 2001
Photo gallery of the Lhotse Emergency Ministry of Russia expedition
"Golden Peak - 2000" Photo Gallery
Solo ascent of Valery Babanov on Kangtega North Face (6,799m)
Moscow Everest - 2000 expedition. Part I
Moscow Everest - 2000 expedition. Part II
Photo Gallery of Uzbek-Russian expedition on Mt.Jannu (Himalaya, autumn 1999
Mt. Ararat (Agri-Dagi) ascent
The expedition "Big Walls - Russian routes". Great Trango Tower
The expedition "Big Walls - Russian routes". Great Trango Tower
The expedition of Moscow mountaineers on Mt.Cho Oyu (8201m)
Russian-American Changabang Expedition 98. Photo Gallery
Ascent of Russian climbing team up to Chogori. Photo report
The first successful attempt of climbing winter Aksu (Kirgyzia)
Avtodom-Elbrus-97: Photos
Bhagirathi III. "Russian route". Autumn 1998
Photo gallery of final day. First Open ice climbing championship in S.Petersburg. Part 1
Kirov - 2001. Ice climbing World Cup finall competitions. Photo Gallery
The Rock Climbing World Cup. Millau (France). Photo Gallery
Part I
Part II
III Open Ice climbing Russian Championship
Bouldering World Cup Cortina d'Ampezzo
Kirov-99. Ice climbing Championship of Russia
Stars signature
Andrei Vedenmeer climbes Crimean rocks
Venera Chereshneva
Anatoli Boukreev - mountaineer, guide, photograph, writer
Liv Sansus и Fransua Legrand
Photos made by Yuri Koshelenko
Marko PREZELJ. Photo Calendar
Photo Calendar
Yuri Koshelenko. Photo Calendar
Eugeni Sedelnikov. Photo Calendar
The Central Caucasus
"Unknown Elbrus"
Elbrus area
Donguzorun valley
Baksan valley
The Adil-Su valley
The Adir-Su valley
Unknown Elbrus
Bezengi region
Main mountains of the region Bezengi
The Western Caucasus
East Caucasus
Multypitch routes
The Crags of Laspi Bay.
Forossko-Melasskaya Wall. Climbing routes
Forosski edge by left side of South-East face and West buttress. Feathers
Foros edge by right part of south-east face
Kastropol group
Mt. Paragelmen
Chatyr-Dag and Demergi massive
Mt.Sokol (The Falcon)
Kush-kaya climbing routes
South Face
South West Face
Kush-Kaya by the center of south-west face
Kush Kaya by the center of yellow pillar. Blue vawe
South East Face
Kush-Kaya by the right part of South-East face. Porabola
Central pillar
Kush-kaya by chimney of southern face
Route information collection
Top rope routes
"Red Stone"
Alim Rock
Nikita rocks
Section E
Section D part c
Section D parts a, b
Section A - B
UIAA symbols
Kamchatka region
General, cool notes
Trek, personal notes
The Pamirs
The Pamir-Alai mountains
Fanskiye mounts
Review of AkSu region
The descriptions of routes on Aksu
The scheeme of routes
The review of season ascents
The best climb of 1996 year
Kommunizma Peak (7.495 m)
Korzhenevskoy Peak (7 105 m)
Lenina Peak (7,134 m)
Khan Tengri
The Second International Festival "Khan-Tengri 2003"
Tien Shan mountain system
The Altai Mountains
The Ergaky mountains. Pictuires and routes
The Circumpolar Urals
Stars signature
Abramov Alexander
Abramova Ludmila
Valery Babanov
Baikovski Yuri
Belous Vladimir
Bobok Viktor
Bogomolov Sergei
Cherni Nikolai
Davy Mikhail
Efimov Sergey
Elagin Vasili
Ershova Marina
Guy Manu
Beno Kashakashvili
Photos. Part 1
Photos. Part 2
Photos. Part 3
Kazbekov Serik
Khohlov Yuri
Kolomiets Yuri
Koshelenko Yuri
Kleyonov Alexander
Krivosheitsev Eugeni
Larin Serguey
Mario Manica
Moro Simone
Moskalev Dmitry
Odintsov Alexander
Oleinik Vladimir
Ozvaath Atilla
Panferova Margarita
Manu Pellissier
Photo Gallery
Perlova Natasha
Piratinski Alexandr
Potankin Igor
Prezelj Marko
Rakhmetov Kayrat
Rakhmetov Salovat
Alexandr Ruchkin's summary
Photo Gallery
Shabalin Pavel
Soifer Yuri
Svab Eric
Tchereshneva Venera
Vedenmeer Andrei
Volodin Viktor
Anatoli Boukreev
International Kazakh-Italian expedition to Annapurna
Tragedy on Annapurna. Last days chronic
Tragedy on Annapurna. Last days chronic
Tragedy on Annapurna. Last days chronic
Photo gallery
Anatoly Boukreev. List of ascents
Bugachevski Igor
Samoilin Pavel
Savchenko Sergei
Shlekht Anatoly
Sobolev Dmitry
Zhviriblia Sergei
Altai, Norway, Venezuela
Photos made by Yuri Koshelenko
"GRIVELART" Presents: Millenium 2000 N2, Millenium N1
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